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Social Events

Social Events

Bring your family and friends together through a creative art making workshop! Workshops last two hours and cost $120 for a maximum of 6 participants with all materials included. Our artists provide all the instruction, materials, and cleanup. Gratuity not included.

**Please note that we are not allowing refreshments to be served at this time due to the COVID-19 situation.**

LUX facility rentals are also available. Host your next event in our historic building, modern gallery space, or creative classroom space. Prices vary based on your space, equipment, and staffing needs. 

LUX can bring your event to your location! For offsite events we charge $300 for 2 hours and up to 15 participants. Screen printing and pottery wheel workshops must happen at LUX due to equipment needs


Events can happen anytime our space isn't in use. Weekday daytime/evening hours are generally open. Our studios are frequently used from 10am-4:30pm on Saturdays, but it varies from month to month based on which classes are running.

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Clay - Create and glaze your own handbuilt clay object! Popular projects include hand-built cups, bowls and mugs.
Learn to throw on the Pottery wheel. For these workshops there is a maximum of 8 people, and participants are expected to assist with some cleanup.
Hand-built clay projects will be painted during the event, projects made on the pottery wheel will be dipped in a clear-glaze by our instructors after the event as they are too wet to decorate when they come off the wheel. All clay projects will be fired and available for pick-up approximately two weeks after the event.
Fused Glass - Make colorful glass art! Popular projects include: sun catchers, jewelry, and coasters. Participants work with colorful glass to cut, layer, and glue together their own piece. All glass projects will be fired and available for pick-up one to two weeks after the party.
Painting - Get creative with watercolors, tempera, or acrylic paints! One 12″x12″ canvas is provided for each participant. Students can each paint their own idea with the aid of our artist or paint their own version of a pre-determined design.
Easy Encaustics
– Make your own colorful paintings with wax! Using special wax melting pens, we will draw and explore the fun and colorful ways to use this unique art material. Two 6”x6” wood panels will be provided per student.
Foil Art
– Using copper or silver colored foil we will create unique textured art pieces. This technique is sometimes referred to as tooling, embossing, or tin art, and has its roots in Mexican folk art. Two 6”x6” foil sheets will be provided per student.
Wire Wrapped Jewelry – By twisting and bending wire around colorful beads participants will learn to make their own jewelry! Everyone will leave with a wire wrapped pendant and/or ring.
Paper Marbling - Learn to use floating inks to make unique designs on paper. Be sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty, these inks can stain clothing! Each participant can make up to a dozen prints during the party.
Screen printing - Print your own design on something you’ll use! One canvas tote bag or white t-shirt is provided per participant. Due to the multi-step process of screen-printing workshops run 3 hours and start at $200 for 8 participants, $25 each additional participant.

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