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Joslyn Schmutte

Joslyn Schmutte

Print and Graphic Media Specialist
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Joslyn Schmutte grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2016 with a BA in Art and minors in Marketing and Business Administration. She has been a committed member of the LUX team for over 6 years - starting as the Marketing + Gallery Intern and quickly stepping into the role of Director of Communications - where she channeled her expertise of photography, graphic design, brand management, social media marketing, and public relations. Joslyn recently stepped down from her long-time role and into a Print & Graphic Media Specialist position in order to manage and operate her small business (Curio) full-time. Outside of the LUX and her shop, you can find Joslyn exploring nearby prairies with her dog Ellie and film camera in tow.

"The LUX is such an energizing space to work and create - with something fresh and meaningful unfolding at any moment. I'm continually inspired by my peers and our shared advocacy for the arts here in Lincoln. The LUX provides solace and joy for so many, and promoting the wonderful programs we have comes with ease."


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