Artist Application

Artist Application

If you would like to be considered for an exhibit of your work in either of our galleries or you would like to present your work for sale in our gallery store, we are happy to review your art. 

Gallery Exhibition Criteria

All work displayed in the LUX East or West Gallery as well as the LUX Gallery Store must be completely handmade, or in the case of digital and video art, the work must be completely original and produced entirely by the artist. Art must be produced by professional artists who are actively marketing and exhibiting their work in galleries, museums and/or institutions. All artists must have at least three years of exhibition experience in professionally recognized galleries and/or museums, must have been reviewed, and must have an active website. With very few exceptions all artists will have at least a Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA); preferably an MFA and all artists must be at least 21 years of age. Exceptions may include Artists-in-Residence at LUX. 

Vendor Criteria

All work in the LUX Gallery Store must be completely hand-made with at least 80% of the materials in each piece created by the artist. All artists must have at least two years of production experience in professionally recognized gallery shops or design boutiques, must have been reviewed, and must have an active website. LUX is actively looking for new, emerging artisans, so all applications will be reviewed, however preference will be given to artisans who exhibit at professional craft shows (ex. American Craft Council). All artists must be at least 21 years of age. Exceptions may include Artists-in-Residence at LUX. 

Ceramics / Pottery / Porcelain

In the case of ceramics and pottery, if the work has been slip cast, the cast must be an original creation. 


In the case of jewelry: necklace pendants may be presented on commercial chains, but our preference would be for all elements of the jewelry to be created by the artist. If jewelry is primarily beaded: LUX will accept seed bead woven and braided ropes and various designs using commercially purchased seed beads. If the jewelry is a simple string of beads on a necklace chain or an earring pendant, those beads should be created by the artist and the metal posts, jump rings, and other fittings, should be hand crafted.


For consideration as an exhibiting gallery artist or LUX vendor please submit a letter of interest as well as three photographs of your work to our Exhibition and Gallery Shop Director Please no telephone solicitations or walk-ins.  

Main Gallery

East Gallery

3D Printed Ceramics by Bri Murphy

Functional Pottery by John Dennison

Jewelry made from recycled materials by Jen Carlson


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