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Maria Spiess

Maria Spiess

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Lincoln , NE
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My creative decisions come from a range of experiences and curiosities about people, memory, and time. For me, ceramic material represents permanence while other materials present in my installations and sculptures are much less so. I typically work in repetition to create a large quantity of small objects to fill a space. This space could be that of a small sculpture or the space of a room for viewers to explore. Repetition is important to me. When processes are learned and repeated we develop muscle memory. For my work, once muscle memory is utilized, I am able to repeat a process, creating multiples of objects or shapes while letting my consciousness wander between the meditative state of the physical act of making and what I find to be the harder work: dealing with the monotony of repetition and the question I keep circling back to – Is it really worth it? I let this question along with others circle in my mind through the journey from start to finish of each piece. My current work explores spacial experience, discovery, serendipity, quiet, nothingness, anxiety, and the feeling of slow time. I make and arrange objects to create spaces which are familiar yet not exactly like they are in nature. These places are, in some way, less accessible to us – or our time there is significantly limited.

Maria is the Cooper Foundation Artist In Residence.

Mixed Media

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Maria Spiess

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11/1/19 to 12/28/19
Multiple Mediums
Maria Spiess
2/7/20 to 2/28/20
Multiple Mediums

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