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Amy Jo Lyste

Amy Jo Lyste

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Grand Forks , ND

I started my shop after several people said I should be selling the stuffed animals I make for my children. I run an art gallery so it was easy to put a few out on sale and see how it went. They started selling and I joined Etsy and started showing in exhibitions. I enjoy what I do and am always inspired by what my kids show me. I try to have snuggly sweet baby items from dollies to blankets. I have a lot of fun stuffed animals that kids love like a zombie or princess kitty. I sell a lot of stuffed animals to adults that like the geeks and mustachios. I love coming up with new kinds of creatures and I think the love of my craft shows up in the work.

Artist Statement

I am an artist, a mother of two, and an art gallery owner. I enjoy sewing stuffed animals so much for my kids that I decided to do it for everyone. My plushies are sweet and soft for babies, durable and fun for kids, quirky and funny for adults. I like to say that I sew stuffed animals for kids and adults!

Fiber / Textiles
Metal / Jewelry
Mixed Media

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