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Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre

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Lincoln , NE
Artist Statement

My goal as a potter is to make ceramic objects that move in and out of someone’s home that will enhance their experiences of intimacy, consumption and nourishment. In order to achieve this goal, I strive to create purposeful, beautiful, well-crafted handmade pots. Reflecting on my past of southern culture, I find that community and relationships created at the table are the foundation for my work. By making handmade utilitarian objects, I hope to develop a unique trust and relationship between maker and user. 

My work is purposely made by specific choices of materials, firing methods, and surfaces. I want to engage the viewer and focus their attention through these different physical elements as well as design, arrangement, and presentation of objects. My work is a balance of elemental control and natural effects of the firing. 

I primarily use grolleg porcelain and iron enriched stoneware. I make pots that reveal the beauty of process through the marks of my hands, tools, and flame. By using firing methods of wood and soda, time and process is permanently recorded through the flame path on the clay surface. Firing these kilns to 2300°F allows me to achieve beautiful glaze pooling and dramatic flash marks that enhance the uniqueness of each object. The work I fire in the gas reduction kiln are made to reveal the softness of raw porcelain and the beautiful depth of celadon glaze.

I find that the ceramic process tends to answer ongoing questions as well as form new ones. I continue to investigate the unique and intimate relationship between object and user.  I want my work to connect the influences from my past with the future of its home and user. I want my pots to beg your attention and spur curiosity. My hope is that my pots will live to serve all of those moments where relationships and experiences are a celebration of life


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