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Avi Arenfeld

Avi Arenfeld

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Brooklyn , NY

Avi Arenfeld is a ceramic artist originally from Brooklyn, NY. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and hi MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Avi has been a resident at The Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, The Mendocino Arts Center and received a resident scholarship from The Anderson Ranch Arts Center. He has exhibited around the United States as well as traveling and showing with The Artstream Nomadic Gallery and Harvey Meadows Gallery. He has taught workshops at Mendocino College, Penland School of Crafts, Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, Whitman College, and the Carbondale Clay Center.


Artist Statement

I make functional pots that explore the role of utility. I embrace these parameters as a designer, prototyper, and developer. I strive to create thoughtfully handmade objects that people can use, and contemplate. 
Graffiti creates a personal connection with my use of typography. My interaction with graffiti culture introduced me to a standard of mastery in craft, formal considerations, and indirectly to sources that greatly influence my work today. 

I highlight the connections between contemporary graffiti and its roots in the history of typography as ornament. I am inspired by the relationships between multicultural calligraphic traditions from Japan, the Middle East, and England. In this way I look to create commentary on the conversations between these historical and contemporary sources. 

My interest in how ceramics tell the story of cultural interactions is where my investigations begin. I look at the history of the silk roads, eastern, Middle Eastern, and European cultures, creating a dialogue through finely crafted ceramics, glass, and metals. This amalgamation of cultural and aesthetic cues drives my forms and surfaces. This history also speaks to my own diverse upbringing and creates a personal link to how I develop my own body of work, and better understand my past though the act of making. 


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