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Britta McKee

Britta McKee

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Topeka , KS

Britta McKee was born in Wheat Ridge, CO and moved to Kansas when she was 8 months old. She grew up in a small town; Osage City, KS and displayed a love for art throughout her childhood. McKee began to more seriously pursue her art at the University of Kansas when she entered the metals program in 2005. During her senior year she became the first KU metals student to sell a piece in Eutin, Germany; the sister city of Lawrence, KS. In May of 2009, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing & Jewelry. Shortly after graduating, her business "Tobias Designs" was in full swing.  “Tobias Designs” ascribes to McKee’s maiden named and she has kept it in honor of her father. McKee’s dad always told her "Things will happen eventual, just give it time." Her hard work and dedication was learned through him.

In November 2010, McKee was published in a book called "Anodize!: Brilliant Colors & Bold Designs for Aluminum Jewelry" by Clare Stiles. In 2012, McKee became a Core Artist of NOTO (North Topeka Arts District) and was invited to join an art exhibit called RAW: Natural Born Artists. RAW is an independent arts organization based in LA, for artists, by artists. In 2013, McKee was honored to take home the award for “RAW: Kansas City Accessory Designer of the Year”.  That year she also took home “RAW: Kansas City ‘Peoples Choice’ Award Accessory Designer of the Year”. The exposure garnered by winning these awards has opened many new doors for McKee’s work. In 2014, McKee will be working with Allied Magazine in KC, and currently, McKee is creating jewelry that uses the Copper from the State Capitol Building. These unique pieces are exclusively available through the Capitol Gift Shop in the Kansas statehouse. With this project, McKee has received favorable media exposure throughout Kansas.

Artist Statement

The passion I have for creativity is expressed through jewelry. I like to masque my work behind a range of design schemes and colors that leave my true intent hidden. This allows observers of my work the opportunity to make their own interpretation of my inspirations and therefore gain their own insight.

My designs are inspired by many different things; recycled materials, scientific cause & effect, natural materials, and some are even inspired by my son!


Metal / Jewelry

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