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Dima and Nadya Gurevich

Dima and Nadya Gurevich

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Tel Aviv

Dima and Nadya Gurevich are husband in wife who have recently finished their (B.Des. degree) art and design studies and are working together as founders and designers from their stufio in Tel Aviv. They make conceptual everyday objects of ceramics and porcelain with a playful sensibility and rich meaning.
We are Dima and Nadya Gurevich - husband and wife.

The main idea in their works, and what gives them a lot of inspiration, is a combination of functional design and conceptual aesthetic art in everday objects. They really enjoy designing and making products that are functional and yet, give space for thought.

Dima and Nadya Gurevich create functional ceramic and porcelain objects with a playful sensibility and conceptual twist.


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