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Eliza Lenore McIntyre

Eliza Lenore McIntyre

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Eugene , OR

I have always  been an artist. My earliest memories in childhood include sitting at the round wooden table in our kitchen, sketching and coloring while my mom fluttered around the house. As a teenager, I knew my life would probably not take a conventional path, as I was much more interested in drawing than math. But I stayed the course, determined to get an education. After graduating from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ, I went on to teach art to children in the Denver public schools. But after one year, I knew I needed to live a more active life; one that would connect me to the earth and to people who needed to be outside every day, regardless of the weather.

And so,  I moved to Durango, CO, and joined a fire crew through the San Juan National Forest. After about a year, I had an opportunity to help run river rafting guides in the Grand Canyon. I leapt! Adventures every day, campfires at night, sleeping under the stars...it was a dream come true. My last adventure as a young adult would be backpacking through Europe for three months, visiting places like Rome, Brugges, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris...my perspective on life changed yet again.

I finally settled down for a while in Bend, Oregon, and had two amazingly beautiful children.


Artist Statement

My art reflects the beauty and fragility of our world. My childhood experiences were full of expansive, quiet moments in nature. My family’s hiking trips took me frequently to the Adirondack Mountains, the peaks of the Northwest, and Alaska. And I spent many a day exploring the thick, quiet forest of my backyard.

As an adult I walk in the woods silently, listening to the natural world: leaves trembling, birds singing, twigs crackling beneath my feet. I hear every soft, subtle sound and feel strength, clarity, and bliss.

I sense a world in pain around me, and yet there is always hope and strength in the simple beauty of natural things: a fragile dandelion; an aspen tree with leaves turning bright colors; owls snuggled in to keep warm.

These are the ideas I strive to document in my art.

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