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Jeani Gustafson

Jeani Gustafson

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As a child, I had a natural inclination toward all things art related.  Over the years, I have continued to develop a fascination and preoccupation with art. 

I find the visualization of each new piece or tweak in design exciting.  I have spent a lifetime experimenting, learning and playing with art materials.  I allow the experimentation to dictate my direction which fuels my infatuation with art materials and techniques.  Creative art studios or spaces surrounded by layers of art materials color, textures, books, tools and supplies are among my favorite happy places.

My current artistic preoccupation is focused on hand built pottery.  The body of work I am creating is geometric and angular with textured surfaces.  I have chosen a color palette which is mostly neutral with pops of bright color.  These pieces are typically functional and include vases, platters and serving dishes.  I like to think of them as festive, light hearted and fun.  


My personal life is that of a small town girl.  I grew up on a farm in central Nebraska where creative thinking was required to entertain myself.  I was constantly building, coloring, and creating.  My brother and I made sand cities, hay forts, tree houses, snow creatures, etc.  I learned to sew, cook, draw and paint from my mother.  I experimented with any art materials I could get my hands on.  During my decision making years (What do I want to be when I grow up?) I explored a future in many areas but was always drawn back to art.  The need to create just kept reeling me in.


My formal art studies began at Hastings College in Nebraska where I was first introduced to three dimensional art in sculpture and ceramic classes.  I was captivated.  My studies continue daily as I experiment and solve problems presented by each new piece.  I try to attend a workshop or two annually to add new techniques to the evolution of my work.


I have explored a variety of “Art Careers”.  I have worked as an artist in residence in schools, participated in several cooperative galleries, taught a variety of workshops and classes to both children and adults.  I have owned and operated a custom framing studio as well as owned and operated a cooperative art gallery.  No matter what “art hat” I was wearing at the time, I always made time to create art. 


I currently live in York, Nebraska and finally have the opportunity to focus entirely on making art.


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