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Jeanie Krejci

Jeanie Krejci

Gallery Shop Manager
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Lincoln , NE

As the former Gallery Shop Manager, Jeanie loved to build community by getting to know the people that walk through the doors of the LUX.  She grew up in the neighborhood and has wonderful memories of the Arts Center.  Her work was exhibited at the LUX as an emerging artist in high school and college.  This opportunity granted her the experience of what it felt like of being a real artist.  Her parents were members of the first group that was responsible for opening the building on 48th & Baldwin in 1985.  Her art degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University focused on painting, ceramics, and photography. She also studied art in NYC and Paris, France. She spent some time in the modeling industry working as a model scout which inspired her to apply her creativity to design fun and fashionable jewelry.  Her designs are sold exclusively at the LUX Gallery Shop.  She views the LUX as the little oasis of happiness where art and beauty can change the way you feel about your day and possibly your worldview. 



Artist Statement

Jeanie’s favorite materials to use are re-purposed vintage beads and bobbles.  She says, “It’s great fun to deconstruct formerly forgotten and unused vintage necklace and turn it into a fresh and modern pair of earrings!”  She loves to hunt at bead bazaars for unique beads and online for gemstones, crystals or rare finds made from acrylic, wood, or metal.  Her designs are mostly one-of-kind, so if you see a pair you like, it’s best to nab ’em up! Bold and bright colors are her favorite to express the fun you will be having when you wear her designs.  They are like a party for your ears!



Metal / Jewelry

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