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Larry Pelter

Larry Pelter

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Lincoln , NE

I grew up in Newman Grove, a farming community on the banks of the Shell Creek in north central Nebraska. I have had a diverse upbringing experiencing, at times, life as a sheepherder, cowboy, railroad gandy dancer, truck driver, anti-submarine warfare specialist, electrical engineer, barista, and Zen practitioner. Throughout my life, I have maintained a passion for the arts, having studied classical and blues guitar, painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and ceramic art with a variety of teachers.

Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of pottery and a variety of sculptural forms. Over time I tend to move from theme to theme in terms of motif, technique and material following my interests as they arise. I like to work with sculptural forms in general and to combine a variety of materials and shapes into three dimensional objects. The theme and form of these objects tend to evolve as I work with the materials at hand…I play and play, combine and recombine until a form exists that satisfies my curiosity.


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