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Linda Lewis

Linda Lewis

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Des Moines , IA

Over the last 11 years Linda has exhibited her sculptures at nationally recognized juried art festivals, galleries, exhibitions and most recently at SOFA Chicago.  She spent 30 some years as an educator working with young children and staff teaching first graders to read. She realized there could be life beyond raising 4 children and teaching and launched herself into making people from clay. She has received several awards including best of show, first place in sculpture as well as recognition in national print media. She has worked with many notable figurative clay sculptors including Akio Takamori, Adrian Arleo, Cristina Cordova, Lisa Rhinertson, Janis Mars Wunderlich, Claudia Olds-Goldie, Kensuka Yamada, Esther Shamazu and Andy Nacisse


Linda seeks to merge the idea of ‘making things’ with her fascination with people and the links and interconnections humans have with each other.


Linda lives and works at Mainframe Studios (435) in Des Moines, Iowa.

Artist Statement

As an educator for many years I worked with diverse groups of children and adults who eventually informed my work as an artist. My figures reflect my penchant for people and the stories they tell. By observing their demeanor, facial expressions, body language, and how people stand, interact, and tell their stories, I create clay figures that express common threads of the human experience. My intention is to show how people show you you who they are, how they work things out, and the common links between people that make us all interconnected. My background in painting informs the surfaces by adding colorful designs or sometimes a quietness, script, textures and mark making that brings a mood and context that encourage viewers to add their own story.  My work is in several personal and institutional collections and has been juried in national exhibitions. 


For specifics in awards, juried exhibitions and other more detailed information visit her website.


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