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Martha Horvay

Martha Horvay

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Lincoln , NE
Artist Statement

This work chronicles the shift in my interests over the past year. My core pursuit of the interplay of flat pattern and three-dimensional volume, remains the same.  My subject matter of the past forty years encompassed objects made by human beings, particularly architecture, motor vehicles, and household goods.  In the isolation of the pandemic, I turned to objects that surround me in my studio, primarily whelk shells that I collected from South Carolina beaches.  I view the shells as specimens of complex form, rather than as traditional still life. The lines on the surfaces emphasize their patterns of growth.  Color gradually drained away, through no sense of planning on my part.  It just seems to be what my current mood demands.  In its place, the materiality of acrylic paint becomes a key player.


Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

Martha Horvay
Holly Walker
12/3/21 to 1/28/22
Multiple Mediums

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