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Nature Medicine Song Villegas

Nature Medicine Song Villegas

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Lincoln , NE

A name like Nature Medicine Song is a force of its own. My life story is my name’s reflection. I am a survivor turned warrior. I turned pain into power through art in numerous ways. I now use my life experiences & artistic abilities to champion for generations to come through community advocacy & Artivism.  Art tag NaturezFury™ is trademarked and published. I am Intersectional Liaison/Festival Coordinator with Stand In For Nebraska. I do community Peer Support and Resources & As Co-Creator of Bootz2Ground and Roots 2 Rise, I look forward to building together in our community in the world of Arts!!


Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

Nature Medicine Song Villegas
2/4/22 to 2/26/22
Multiple Mediums

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