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Peter Ronan

Peter Ronan

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Boise , ID

Peter Ronan has more recently been an education assistant at The Clay Studio of Philadelphia. His BFA in ceramics is from Boise State University, where he had the opportunity to complete a summer session in Nagoya, Japan. Ronan uses function to create a tangible representation of queer culture beyond the sterilized and commodified versions created for mass consumption through pop culture.

Artist Statement

Justifying your need to work and your practice to people can be exhausting.  A lot of people base your success on money and selling things. It’s always this monetary success. That’s great, but it’s not my motivation for my work. If that happens, I’m happy with it, but it’s more that I’m making the work because I feel this need to make it. It’s this cathartic, almost meditative experience. I see art as a way for self-healing.


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