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Ryan Crotty

Ryan Crotty

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Lincoln , NE

Ryan Crotty (b. 1977, Auburn, NE) is a visual artist and abstract painter based in Auburn, Nebraska. He creates non-representational color field paintings rooted in the process intensive traditions of printmaking. Highlighting visual evidence of the canvas support structure, surface imperfections and materiality, he uses translucent paint to generate an interplay of light and color that challenges visual interpretation of a two-dimensional surface. Crotty earned his BFA in painting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his MFA in painting from Syracuse University. He is represented by High Noon Gallery, New York, New York and Galerie Robertson Arès, Montreal, Quebec. 

Studio Visit: "We'll Know More Tomorrow"

Artist Statement

I use unconventional painting techniques to create all-over compositions of color that spread out beyond the edges of the canvas. The resulting process-intensive paintings are an investigation of formal relationships. They are non-representational and forgo all suggestion of figuration. 

By applying layers of translucent paint, I generate aberrations in color and surface that reveal evidence of the painting as a physical object. The canvas acts as a support for pigment and binding medium that allows color and light to coalesce. Primary colors blend together to create secondary and tertiary color field paintings with luminous reflective surfaces that glow with meditative calm.


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Ryan Crotty
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Ryan Crotty
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