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Sarah Rowe

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Sarah Rowe is a visual and performance artist in Omaha, Nebraska. Her work addresses issues of self-identity and exploitation of natural resources. She re-imagines traditional Native American symbology to fit the narrative of our modern cultural landscape. Her work opens meaningful cross cultural dialogues by utilizing methods of painting, casting, textiles, performance, and Native American rituals in unconventional ways. Rowe is of Lakota and Ponca descent.

Artist Statement

Lakota artist Sarah Rowe confronts issues regarding self-identity and exploitation, and re-imagines traditional Native American symbology and dream images to fit the narrative of today’s cultural landscape. Drawing from skewed imagery in storybooks and history books, in conjunction with images from historical winter counts, Sarah projects her vision and experience into the mix with an offbeat enchantment. Rowe's imagined landscapes are bold and vibrant, containing a shape shifting bestiary layered in tales both familiar and strange.


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Sarah Rowe
Multiple Mediums
Sarah Rowe
2/3/17 to 2/24/17
Multiple Mediums
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Sarah Rowe
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1/4/19 to 1/25/19
Print / Paper

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