Midwest Woodblock: Textures of Place

Midwest Woodblock: Textures of Place

Exhibition + Gallery Shop Director
01/04/2019 - 5:00pm
January 2019
Exhibition Description

The LUX is proud to present Nebraskan woodcuts. Like the woodblock ready to be carved, the midwestern landscape was once pristine prairie, a resource cherished for its unspoiled abundance and has offered inspiration for generations. Wood, however as a natural resource was sparse, and was thus spread across the Midwest by settlers in order to generate lumber and fuel. The introduction of this material is entwined with our region's history not only for utilitarian purposes, but also for the ways artists and artisans subsequently utilized the availability of these new materials for self-expression.


This collection looks at texture as being synonymous with place and diversity, and how different artists approach the same process to deliver a myriad of outcomes. The result is a visual depiction of the LUX Center’s founding principles, a place where creativity and community can meet. The show features artist from a range of backgrounds; economic, racial, age, sexual orientation and experience with the medium. The link between them is simply that they use woodblock. Each one of them gives voice to part of our community, as a whole all the work will start conversation amongst itself and bring the larger narrative in view of what the sensitivity of the artists’ hand offers us, an awareness to the different midwestern experiences transcribed as texture and marks.


Paticpating Artists:
Watie White
Kim Darling
Sarah Rowe
Karen Kunc
Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez
Bonnie O’Connell
Amy Haney
Brett Anderson
Anne Burton
Toan Vuong
Howard Payne


Print / Paper

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