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Stuart Gair

Stuart Gair

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Lincoln , NE

Stuart Gair is currently a graduate student at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He completed his undergraduate studies at Ohio University where he majored in history, which has played an integral role in his work. The forms that Stuart creates are derived from an exploration of mid 20th century Scandinavian ceramic and metal wares that are characterized as having linear lines and planes, being sleek, and highly functional. The surfaces that are carved into each piece reflect Stuart’s interest in architectural patterning with a specific focus on the types of line quality he finds in the steel yards throughout Lincoln. The wares are fired in a soda kiln to 2300 °F. This technique is used to accentuate the carved patterns as well as create variation in color over each piece. Stuart looks forward to continuing his exploration of form, function, and surface in an attempt to create a balanced harmony that encouraged the viewer to both use and appreciate the artistic quality of each piece.

Artist Statement

I make pottery that is intricately decorated and utilitarian in nature. It is important that each piece is approachable and highly functional to establish trust with the viewer and invite closer examination. As a student of history, I’m drawn to the essence of strength found in architecture, masonry and the work that has endured through time. Surface treatment provides me the opportunity to explore these interests through the subtleties of architectural pattern, detail, and geometry.

I use form and decoration to fulfill my desire to investigate the past and relate it to my work. The crosshatch and linear designs evoke a sense of strength that can be related to the designs of bridges and stone structures. Ornamental dots applied to some pieces are a reference to the pierced wares of the influential 12th century Seljuk dynasty. The way in which attachments are exaggerated is a result of my study of mid century Scandinavian wares and fascination with modern day stonemasons. This division of the planes between clean and textured surface is a way to accentuate the details and form of each piece. While seemingly disjointed, my work unites these various influences by using strength as the common denominator.

My background in the study of History provides me with insight about my own work in reference to larger historical context. I find it deeply satisfying to create objects that can be used and enjoyed. The ideas of continuity and progress throughout history fascinate me and inspire my evolving aesthetic.


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