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Sydney Lynch

Sydney Lynch

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Lincoln , NE

In business since 1983, Sydney Lynch Jewelry makes each piece by hand in our Lincoln, Nebraska, studio. While my name is on each piece, the business is truly a team effort. Working with my small, talented crew of metalsmiths, I create the designs, and we all work to produce the collection.

Artist Statement

I fell in love with jewelry when I was young, rummaging through my grandmother’s bureau drawers, enchanted by her treasure trove of costume jewelry that she kept in a jumble of tiny boxes, each with its own story. Since my childhood in the woods and on the beaches of Connecticut, I have accumulated and “curated” my collections of objects, found and acquired, assembling them in patterns and groupings that often inspire my jewelry designs. I think of these pebbles, shells, rusted metal fragments and art objects as an archive of my travels and memories.

Metal / Jewelry

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