Victoria Goro-Rapoport

Victoria Goro-Rapoport

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Kearney , NE

Victoria Goro-Rapoport was born in Moscow, Russia.  She holds Masters degrees in both set design and printmaking. Goro-Rapoport has shown extensively both and internationally, and has received numerous awards.  Since 2004 Victoria Goro-Rapoport has taught printmaking at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Artist Statement

 later art work.  With the collaps3e of communism, many of the bronze revolutionaries ended up, literally, in the junkyard of history.  I modified and incorporated them as part of my own As a sculptor and jewelry designer I create works of art in ceramics and mixed media, and a wearable fashion line featuring precision-crafted, porcelain jewelry and accessories. My interest in architecture, inspired by the urban and rural structures I've experienced in my home city and through my travels guide the forms created in both practices. Structures being built, torn down, or that have faced massive destruction capture my attention. The way in which architecture shapes communities and our implicit roles in urban planning are conversations I wish to have with my viewers. 

Though utilizing calculated building methods, an element of spontaneity occurs throughout the making process, particularly when the rules of chemistry and gravity come into play. These forces aid me in depicting the passage of time that follows all things, cared for or forgotten. I employ unconventional ceramic processes including intentionally over-firing or freezing and then thawing sculptures to encourage swaying, slumping, and collapsing. Examining architecture throughout its various life cycles furthers my exploration of the tension where creation and destruction reside.

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