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Wendy Ketchum

Wendy Ketchum

Profile Location
Tamworth , NH

Born 1953, Boston, MA
Lives and works in Tamworth, NH


RISD Continuing Education, Providence, RI 1979-1989

AB Art, Brown University, Providence, RI 1971-1975


2019 Autumn Light, Sanford Gallery, Florence, MA
2019 Oblique Horizon, Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Sandwich, NH
2017 Telling Stories, Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Sandwich, NH
2016 Patterns in Nature, print collaboration, Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery Sandwich, NH
2015 Art Celebrates Place, invitational, TMCC, Albany, NH
2014 Original Prints, Salmon Falls Artisans Showroom, Shelburne Falls, MA
2014 Plate To Paper, Chase's Garage Gallery, York, ME
2014 Reflections, solo exhibition, Cook Memorial Library, Tamworth, NH
2014 Adventures in Printmaking, Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Sandwich, NH
2014 Open Portfolios 2014: New Selections, juried, Sanford Gallery, Florence, MA
2013 New Artists, 3 person show, Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Sandwich, MA
2013 Bon a Tirer, member show, Zea Mays Printmaking, Florence, MA
2012 Art Celebrates Place, invitational, TMCC, Albany, NH
2011 Alternative Surfaces, invitational, Zea Mays Printmaking, Florence, MA
2011 Impressions From a Pond, solo exhibition, TMCC, Albany, NH
2009 Wooly Friends, The Community School, Tamworth, NH
2006 Relief Prints Invitational, Zea Mays Printmaking, Florence, MA
2002 Spring Members' Show, Wickford Art Association, Wickford, RI
2001 Invoking the Source, invitational, Krikorian Gallery, Worcester, MA
2000 New Faces, 3 person show, DeBlois Gallery, Newport, RI

Professional Membership:

The Boston Printmakers
Monotype Guild of New England
Zea Mays Printmaking Studio

Gallery Representation:

Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery, Sandwich, NH
Zea Mays Printmaking, Flat File Project

Artist Statement

Printmaking allows for endless possibilities of mark-making, textural elements, and “happy accidents” that often result from the unpredictable nature of the process. Instead of creating color woodcuts in a traditional edition, I have developed a more intuitive method of working an image through layering – of color, form, plate, and technique – to produce one-of-a-kind prints without a preconceived plan. The final image gradually evolves after multiple runs through the press.

The "telling stories" print series began with an investigation of my Scandinavian roots. In researching ancient Swedish history, I was drawn immediately to the fascinating images that were carved into rock faces during the Bronze Age. Our need to record or map our environments is a uniquely human trait. Before the age of literacy, ancient peoples were creating pictorial narratives that described how they related to their environment – including images of exploration, migration, hunting/gathering, early agriculture, celestial observations, and religious rituals.

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6/5/20 to 8/28/20
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