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Wendy Weiss

Wendy Weiss

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Lincoln , NE

Wendy was a member of the Textiles Faculty of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a past director of the Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery.  Her areas of interest include textile design and woven and non-woven textile construction.  She is a Fulbright Award Recipient.

Artist Statement

Textiles, pattern, and power relationships drive my studio work. I explore the world through woven fabric, constructed thread by thread, infused with color from plant and mineral sources. Inherently a slow process, I wind lengths of thread to become warp yarns, secure them around a frame to bind the desired pattern, immerse them in mordant and dye solutions so they can achieve a specific color, remove the binding to free the threads so finally I can transfer them to the loom to weave a fabric, inserting the weft yarn, row by row. Sometimes I work with other materials for more immediate realization of work, for example digitally cut vinyl to create multi-color wall installations, and cut-up polyester women’s slacks to create wall drawings. I also collaborate with Jay Kreimer on sculpture, sound, and textile installations.

Fiber / Textiles

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1/3/20 to 2/28/20
Fiber / Textiles

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