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American Graphic!

American Graphic!

LUX Permanent Art Collection
LUX Museum Curator
05/04/2018 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
May 4th, 2018 to September 4th, 2018
Exhibition Description

Graphic art is a category of fine art which covers a broad range of visual artistic expression, typically two-dimensional works, which are produced on a flat surface. The term usually refers to the artwork that relies more on line or tone than on color, especially drawing and the various forms of printing, such as engraving, aquatint, drypoint, etching, mezzotint, monotype, lithography, and silk screen printing (serigraphy).

Johannes Gutenberg invented an improved printing press in 1450, it was the first press outside of Asia. His printing press facilitated the mass-production of text and graphic art. When paper became more widely available, artists could make hundreds or even thousands of essentially identical images from a single medium of wood, metal or stone. Gradually artists recognized the value of their fine art prints and began limiting the number of prints in an edition.

The Gladys Lux print collection from which this exhibition was derived was donated by Ms. Lux to the LUX Center for the Arts. During her many years of teaching art at the University of Wesleyan she used her collection to bring fine art to students who had never experienced an art gallery.

All prints exhibited in AMERICAN GRAPHIC are by artists who worked in the United States. Among works exhibited are two prints by Harry Sternberg who embraced social justice in his artwork but required esthetics to come first. Doris Lee’s print, Helicopter, is in American primitive style. The prints by Lily Harmon and John Costigan focus on childhood fun. Doel Reed and Grant Reynard portray contemplative renditions of cellists. American subjects as diverse as farm yards, sports, a folkloric character, a train engine, and landscapes are in the exhibition.

AMERICAN GRAPHIC may be seen from May 3, 2018 to September 4, 2018 in the Gladys Lux Historical Print Gallery, on the second floor of the LUX Center for the Arts.

Curated by Susan Soriente, Print and Historical Collections Curator, LUX Center for the Arts.

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