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Come Up and See Our Etchings . . .

Come Up and See Our Etchings . . .

LUX Museum Curator
06/07/2024 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
May 15th, 2024 to September 9th, 2024
Exhibition Description

An Exhibition of Prints from the Gladys Lux Collection

Etchings have been enormously influential in art history, particularly in the development of printmaking. The art of etching is one of the oldest printmaking methods—originating in the 15th century. It evolved out of techniques developed by armorers to decorate and keep records of their wares. In this exhibition are master printmakers such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Edgar Degas, and Francisco Goya, who all recognized etching’s possibilities and made innovative use of the medium. 

Although you are familiar with the term “etching,” you might not know exactly what the process involves. An etching begins with a metal plate, usually copper coated with a hardened tarry ground. The artist scratches an image into the ground using a burin (needle), exposing the metal underneath. When the image is complete, the plate is submerged in acid to bite into the exposed metal. Next the ground is removed, and ink is wiped over the plate to fill the grooves created by the acid. Dampened paper is placed over the plate, and both are put through a printing press which transfers the inked image onto the paper. It is a complex process, but it allows artists to produce images of astonishing clarity and quality. 

The exhibition title is a nod to an old saying, “Come Up and See My Etchings…” that was used in the past to entice a romantic interest to visit your apartment—knowing etchings were a sure draw! Later the phrase became a joke about this ploy. The Lux Center has no such ulterior motives; we just want you to see and enjoy our prints! Please Come Up and See Our Etchings… to experience master etchings on exhibit in the 2ndfloor Lux Print Gallery, from June 7 to September 9, 2024. 

Curated by Susan Soriente, Curator of the Gladys Lux Print Collection.


Chapeau Epingle by Pierre Renoir


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