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Nostalgic Reverie

Nostalgic Reverie

LUX Permanent Art Collection
LUX Museum Curator
September 2020 to January 2021
Curator Statement

Do you remember. . . the farmstead where you grew up? Birthday parties with elementary school friends? Visits with your grandma and grandpa? Playing with your siblings and the neighborhood kids? Your favorite swing or toy? Or your first love?

The Nostalgic Reverie exhibition draws on all those memories and more to let you travel in time and contemplate your youth and the wistful feelings when you think about your past. Whether you are young or old, it is good to reflect on the people and everyday experiences that shaped you, as well as the significant life changing events that occurred. Some of the artists’ images in Nostalgic Reverie are sentimental and others are poignant, all are evocative visits to past experiences.

There are seven women artists in Nostalgic Reverie, including Mary Cassatt and her piece titled, Looking into the Hand-mirror III; Artist at Work by Alice Murphy; and The Antique Shop by Peggy Bacon. These pieces and thirteen other prints are selected to awaken memories and to inspire contemplation may be seen in the second-floor Lux Print Gallery.

Nostalgic Reverie was organized by Susan Soriente, Curator of the Lux Print Collection.

Print / Paper

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