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Nine Nebraskans Wheat Paste Murals


Nine Nebraskans Wheat Paste Murals

Nine Nebraskans Wheat Paste Murals

In conjunction with “Surface Impressions” – Nine Nebraskan artists were invited to design and carve their own woodblock at Constellation Studios. The resulting 9 large 24" x 36" black and white prints will make a composite mural that will be wheat-pasted around Lincoln. The presentation will be 108” tall by 72” wide highlighting the woodcut print medium and each artists’ unique vision. We invite you to take photos as you visit the murals and share your experience using the hashtag #ninenebraskaartists.

Participating Artists

Margaret Berry carves a monument to the corn plant, our state’s major crop, as she imagines and honors the history of maize and new science endeavors to grow corn in the outer space of the future.

Anne Burton creates a detailed butterfly wing seen through a fractured lens or environmental map, evoking the disjoined migratory pathways that natural life must now navigate.

Santiago Cal's print is capturing a memory of himself below the waves, encountering the mangrove roots that hold the shoreline, a vital transitional space for the environment.

Patrick Casey has carved a tour de force narrative of Nebraska themes and leaders, meanwhile a time traveling character crosses the dystopian future landscape of spills, storms, fires, pollutants.

Hannah Demma lets her obsessions with complex patterns and variations run across the large block, creating a tapestry effect of negative/positive interplay.  The impact is eye catching and awesome.

Peggy Gomez has designed the spaceship of the future that hovers with propellers and delicate machinations, yet able to move effortlessly while a skirt of flowers billows below.

Danny Reneau's print is of a beautiful full-scale heron in an idyllic moonlit landscape, surrounded by a carved frame that encloses the space, yet this bird spreads its wings to take flight.

Oria Simonini presents a monumental carved portrait of a friend who stands for “everywoman”, wearing a shirt of intricate flowers, surrounded by swans, as an alter ego, as metaphor for grace, self-esteem, intuition.

Lindsey Weber fills the woodblock with larger-than-life figures in an embrace that offers love and comfort. The expression is carried through the carved hands that are beautifully emotive.


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