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Surface Impressions 2024

Surface Impressions 2024

The LUX Center for the Arts, in cooperation with Constellation Studios, presents the third biennial ‘Surface Impressions,’ an ambitious international juried exhibition focusing on hand-produced relief prints from woodblock, linoleum cut, wood engraving, and mixed media relief prints. This showcase will continue our work of bringing fine art prints to the forefront, empowering Lincoln, NE to join in a world-wide conversation about creative innovations in prints. Surface Impressions intends to connect artists and audiences to the contemporary language of relief printmaking as a viable artistic engagement for the world we find ourselves faced with now and into the future.

This biennial of relief prints here in the center of America will showcase artists from around the country and abroad, all selected from an open call for entries. The works on exhibition focus on the role of the relief print as a means of cultural critique and exploration of this ancient but newly invigorated discipline as practiced and defined by today’s artists.

Seventy-three prints were selected by visiting guest juror Valpuri Remling, Master Printmaker at the Tamarind Institute. Fifty prints on display at the LUX Center for the Arts, and 23 on display at Constellation Studios. Cash prizes for the top three winners + one print was selected for acquisition by the Sheldon Museum of Art in Lincoln. 

To see all of the selected artists click here.
To see all of the selected prints click here. 
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1st Place: "Line Landscape" by Mia O

"Elegant, soothing and pleasant use of tones and mark making. Beautiful technical execution allows the piece to breath and live in multiple layers. There’s a waterlike softness that one can almost dive into. The strokes touching you as you fall in, like seaweed. If focusing on the key lines, one can see a figure, and add to it by pulling the grey tones with. The piece seems to depict something eternal but ever changing, something we are all aware of but can’t make a still image of. It has a nurturing and assuring feel to it." - Valpuri Remling

2nd Place: "Crane Beach" by Ann Bissett

3rd Place: "6 Pegs and 3 Pairs of Socks" by Bernhard Cociancig

Dates + Details
Thursday, June 20 – Juror Award Selection
Friday, June 21 – 5-8pm Opening Reception at LUX Center for the Arts. 6-9pm Opening Reception at Constellation Studios.
Sunday, July 11-15 – Installation of Nine Nebraska Artist wheat paste murals
Sunday, August 18 – Steamroller printing demonstration at Summerfest

Exhibition Locations
Constellation Studios 
2055 O St, Lincoln, NE 68510 

LUX Center for the Arts 
2601 N 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68504


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