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Surface Impressions 2024 - Prints


Surface Impressions 2024 - Prints

Surface Impressions 2024 - Prints

A Peacable Kingdom, Brett Anderson

Almost Home 4, Lynita Shimizu

Aloha Shirt, Elizabeth Melnyczuk

As Below So Above, Brett Anderson

Ascension, Cameron Bailey

Atria, Stephanie Hunder

Birds Downtown, David B. Johnson

Broadside 2, Henry Gepfer

Broadside 3, Henry Gepfer

Bubble Gum, Derek Buckley

Bus Station, Michael Dal Cerro

Cafe Ostinato 3, Roxanne Sexauer

Can-O-Worms, Adam Larsen

Chance Plans, Joanna Anos

Circle Jerks, Adam Larsen

Close Encounter Of The Bird Kind, Julian Davies

Connect II, Brian kreydatus

Connect IV, Brian kreydatus

Crane Beach, Ann Bissett

Dark Forest, Cameron Bailey

Driven in by the Wind, Rod Nelson

El Paradiso, Cameron Bailey

Elings Park North View, Sara Woodburn

Enduring, Aric Russom

Ensuring Steps, Stephanie Hunder

Every Year They Grow from Nothing, Meryl Engler

Fear Itself, Patrick Casey

Forest Totem, Anne Beidler

Frames with Large Chain, Paul Coldwell

Freedom And All That Was Lost, Cheryl Hoschberg

Good Badlands 3, Lynita Shimizu

Hadeberry, Aric Russom

Havn 3, Rod Nelson

High Water Terminal, Michael Dal Cerro

Homage, Jean Gumpper

Homestead, Joanne Price

I Will Never Rest In Peace, Patrick Casey

Inside: Out, Aric Russom

Javelina, Cheryl Hochberg

Largo, Jeff White

Liminal Terrain, Robynn Smith

Line Landscape, Mia O

Listener, Endi Poskovic

Moments We'll Miss, Emelia Robinson

Mosaic Virus I, Mary Claire Becker

Mosaic Virus IV, Mary Claire Becker

Mosses, Molds, and Lichens #3, Cynthia Back

Mt. Kenya, Ben Bohnsack

My Only Son, Endi Poskovic

My Report, Adam Pitt

Namaste, Cathie Crawford

New Years Day Evening, Brian kreydatus

Newcomer, Cheryl Hochberg

Numinosum, Malgorzata Stanielewicz

Orchid & Fern, Evan Charney

Out of Reach, Andy Farkas

Route 2, North Dakota 5, Lynita Shimizu

Scales, Julian Davies

Six Pegs and Three Pairs of Socks, Bernhard Cociancig

Skywalk Garden, Michael Dal Cerro

Snowy Bush, Joselyn Andreasen

Strong City, Ian Huebert

The Dialectic, Ben Bohnsack

The Story, Andy Farkas

Tumble Way, Susan Howe

Urban Morphologis, Michael Dal Cerro

Urban Village, Michael Dal Cerro

Watching Over, Andy Farkas

Wavelength II, Merlyn Chesterman

Waves, Ann Bissett

When the Angel Falling Down, Dariusz Kaca

Winter Hunt, Amy Haney

Winter Morning, Kaoru Morita


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