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Virtual Field Trip Request

Virtual Field Trip Request

LUX Center for the Arts offers virtual field trips for schools and organizations. Select a virtual studio visit with one of our four artists-in-residence or a gallery tour. Both sessions allow time for questions and answers.

LUX always pays our artists for their time so there is a small fee to help us cover our costs. 

Meet a Ceramic/3D Artist – 40 minutes - $40

Meet a Painting/2D Artist– 40 minutes - $40

The above typically includes 15-20 minute presentation of their work, 10-15 minutes live in their studio to look at current works/tools used, and 5-10 minutes for questions.

Virtual Tour of an Art Gallery & Behind the Scenes– 30 minutes - $30

Meet a Ceramic/3D Artist + Air Dry Clay Project– 60 minutes - $90 + $3 per student for supplies

Meet a Painting/2D Artist + Foil Art Project– 60 minutes - $90 + $1 per student for supplies

Use the times listed above as a guideline. The prices is $1 per minute for presentations, $1.5 per minute for hands-on. Exact times can be adjusted to your organizations needs. If your organization is unable to pay the fee please mention that in the form below and we can see if any financial assistance is available. 

Please fill out the form below to let us know what kind of tour you want to have. Someone will be in touch with you soon to confirm your tour! 

Please note the number of minutes. We will send a Square invoice when the tour is confirmed.

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