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May 03
Joe and Kristen Cline 2023 LUX Art Champion Award Winners

LUXe Party and Art Auction 2023

Visually Stunning and Bountifully Served 

More than $138,000 raised in support of art and arts education. 

LINCOLN, Neb. (May 3, 2023) The LUX Center for the Arts,...Learn more


Recent News

Recent News

The latest news from LUX Center for the Arts. Find out more about our events, classes and exhibitions. 

Mar 15

Several Lincoln-area sites have joined forces to encourage families to get out and explore attractions during the month of April.

Mar 09

LUX Center for the Arts is proud to present the LUX Art Academy! This program is sponsored by VR Nebraska,...

Mar 02

Current LUX Artists-in-Residence Neil Celani and PJ Hargraves are working with Rivers Metal Products to build a new gas kiln!...

Jan 17

On Sunday, January 17 LUX Center for the Arts presented awards to the 2021 LUX Art Scholars. Each award recipient...

Jan 06

Visit the LUX and grab a Community Art Alley painting kit! Each kit is FREE (1 per family) and comes with...

Oct 13

Introducing Going Virtual! A webinar series presented by the Nebraska Arts Council and LUX Center for the Arts.


Aug 19

THANK YOU to all who made Art Safari a great success! Your excitement, joy, and laughter filled our hearts. As...



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