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Justin Behm

Justin Behm

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Lincoln , NE

Justin Behm is a content creator and artist working primarily in ceramics and video. He recently relocated to Lincoln from Wisconsin, where he received his BFA in Ceramics and his MEd in Mindfulness for Experienced Educators. Before coming to the LUX, Justin worked as the resident artist and art instructor at a private boarding academy near Madison, Wisconsin. He is excited to continue his passion for creating and teaching here at the LUX!

Artist Statement

I work primarily in clay. It’s the only medium that allows me to create the breadth of work I’m interested in — functional, formal, and installation pieces. Clay responds to touch, and the changes are instantaneous. Each piece becomes a conversation in the moment between the clay body and my own.

I want my work to elicit some response, to create a feeling of connection to the piece and ultimately, to me. Whether it’s formal or functional, a mug you hold in your hands or an installation you enter, my goal is to spark a connection to the moment.  I’ve recently begun using video to document the process, capturing these moments and making them as archival as a fired, finished object.


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