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No Comment: Justin Behm X Anthony Park Kascak | LUX AIR COLLAB

No Comment: Justin Behm X Anthony Park Kascak | LUX AIR COLLAB

07/14/2023 - 5:00pm
July 14th, 2023 to July 29th, 2023
Exhibition Description

Language is a pillar of our everyday human communication, but also a multi-layered cultural phenomenon that can be tricky to navigate. Whether through the ramblings of those within the social media landscape or through the extensive mysteries of ancient history, it can be re/ translated, contextualized, or constructed in a myriad of ways. LUX Artists in Residence Anthony Park Kascak and Justin Behm tackle language within through their ceramic studio practice, considering how social media interactions or historical information can be translated into physical objects.

Originally starting off as a 30-day social media mug challenge, Justin’s 30 sculptural vessels in No Comment became a months-long project. He selected comments left on various social platforms to challenge the way he thought about utility and functionality in a ceramic cup. This engagement gave viewers influence over the series and provided Justin with alternate ways of working with ceramics and language.

Anthony is interested in the ways in which fantasy, history, and personal narrative grapple with cultural identity. Recently, he has been drawing inspiration from a Korean card game called hwatu, which has traditionally been used for both gambling and fortune telling. His ceramic relief tiles represent different mythologies and ideas from his upbringing as a first-generation Korean American, as well as his research of the extensive (and often vague) database of Korean historical objects.

The title of the exhibition No Comment alludes to the rejection of stereotypical interpretations of language. This refusal of normativity creates new space and opportunity for the artists to express themselves and explore how facets of their marginalized identities inform their work.


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