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Sarah Knobel

Sarah Knobel

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Canton , NY

Sarah Knobel is a photographer, video and installation artist that works with everyday items to find new ways to identify our relationship with ideas of the natural, artificial, beautiful, and repulsive. Her work has been featured in exhibitions nationally and internationally, which includes Miami, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, Washington DC, Germany, Belgium, Korea, and Greece. She holds an MFA in Photography from the Design Architecture Art and Planning Program at the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in Studio Art from Texas State University. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

Artist Statement

Synthetic Nature is a series of collages and photographs that investigates new landscapes where the artificial and natural collide. I am specifically interested in containers, materials such as plastic and foam are the resources I chose to emphasize in this series. There is a focus in regards to the longevity of the these objects once their purpose has expired.  What would a landscape created by these materials look like? How does do these substances potentially adapt? Fleeting use and disposal of these resources is at the forefront of many current discussions, for me I chose to focus on the relics of my family’s consumption and its seemingly in escapable effects. 


Preoccupation with consumption drives me to explore these mundane remains that seem unremarkable upon first glance.  I question their metaphysical makeup, what they symbolize as well as their existence beyond meager utilization. But I also take a closer look at the beauty in their distinctive form once their intended purpose of protection is completed. I create new compositions with these forms in mind and how they could relate to our natural environments. I question how the imperishable relics will engage with our natural resources. Will this entangled relationship of natural and synthetic create some sort of new ecosystem? This new ecosystem is at the core of my work that I’m curiously experimenting with and continuing to question.

Mixed Media

Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

Sarah Knobel
9/3/21 to 9/24/21
Multiple Mediums

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