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Common Threads

Common Threads

01/08/2021 - 12:00pm
January 8th, 2021 to January 30th, 2021
Exhibition Description

This exhibition features Midwest artists who use fiber conceptually. Works within the show focus on ideas such as place, body, society, and psychology.

Images Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

"Ore Knots" by Abbey Blake, photographic transfer on muslin, welded steel, fiber fill, 2020

"Dwelling" by Kacey Slone, old rug, 2020

"Cut Like a Man, Not a Girl" by Jake R. Miller, tin shears, zip ties, ferric nitrate, 2020

"Another Time, Once More" by April Wright, shredded clothing found inside of a punching bag, cotton thread, wire, wood dowell, metal curtain hooks, 2020

"Time Intensity Method" by Sophia Ruppert, altered duvet cover, 2019

"Tattered and Torn" by April Wright, shredded clothing found inside of a punching bag, cotton thread, worn bedsheets, bathroom curtain, wood, 2020

"Clothes Iron Study One" by Madison Hager, found fabric, pins, 2019

"Pillows From My Bed" by Sophia Ruppert, pillows, sweat, 2018

"Tool Repurposed for Spiritual Use: Seduction" by Sophia Ruppert, trap, wool

"To and Fro" by April Wright, shredded clothing from inside of a punching bag, metal clothes drying rack, cotton string, worn bedsheets, wire, adhesive, 2020

"That's Not How You Wind Up A Cord Son" by Jake R. Miller, WD-40, camp duct tape, zip ties, found extension cords, 2020

"Portia" by Abbi Loree Ruppert, steel, lace embellished tights, pillow, 2020

"Love Me, Hurt Me" by Abbi Loree Ruppert, steel, nylon, 2020

"CobWeb 6" by Heidi Zenisek, found fencing, used bailing netwrap, 2020

"Sunk" by Abigail Rose Hedley, felted wool, 2019

"Collapse" by Abigail Rose Hedley, felted wool, 2018

"Irreconcilable, Shirts 1-5" by Madison Hager, mens dress shirts, clothes hangers, coat hooks, 2019

"Miners Lake I" by Abbey Blake, cotton weaving, red iron oxide, plaster, 2020

Mixed Media
Fiber / Textiles

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Fiber / Textiles

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