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Life is a Balloon

Life is a Balloon

February 1st, 2019 to February 22nd, 2019
Exhibition Description

The objects I make are visual representations of myself. Each piece is dressed well with a unique pattern, to symbolize the outfits worn on a day to day basis. The form themselves often go deeper. Some representing bottled up emotions, others joyous memories. I tend to hide the meanings of the forms and vessels I construct through the surface decorations.

In the beginning my goal was to make vessels that were both functional yet elegant. With making objects that fit these categories brings conflict. People begin to ask how functional a teapot is with an elongated spout, or a mug that only holds four ounces. To some the piece makes complete sense, to others it can only be viewed as something decorative. This complication has aroused a question. What is being overlooked?

Have we as a culture begun to overlook the beauty of things that surround us? By taking a step back from inspiration of fashion magazines, social media and so forth. My eyes have opened to the nature that embodies us. Patterns that I once saw only in textiles I now find living and breathing just outside our window. Trees, animals, flowers and other earthly elements bring colors of inspiration. Wood however has brought the most abundant source of inspiration into my current work. Within the grain one can find lines, dots and even colors. The proximity of these lines and dots as well as their variations in widths and sizes form a motif.

Motifs take time to construct, during this course of evolution the maker repeats marks in order to complete a composition. Like the evolution of textiles and motifs, patterns in nature have evolved. By combining the chevron, polka dot and other decorative arrangements of ceramic material in conjunction to the wood, I hope to highlight natures beautification to the eyes of the audience through further exploration.

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