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Morning Walk

Morning Walk

03/05/2021 - 5:00pm
March 5th, 2021 to March 26th, 2021
Artist Statement

My latest work uses memory, impression, and my experiences as a traveler to cobble together an invented, non-traditional landscape. I divide and organize space, as a farmer or a quilter might, to explore pattern as well as experiment with density, dynamism, and emptiness.

I am a reluctant transplant from Northern California to Central Illinois, via Wisconsin, Southern California, and West Virginia. Feeling “at home” has become a warped and relative experience. At the same time, I enjoy being a foreigner as I leave my yellow clapboard house in Bloomington, IL to work in New York, Vermont, Wyoming, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Ireland, and my hometown of Berkeley, visiting many other places in between.

I pay close attention to transitions, such as land to water, country to city, soil to cliff, or avenue to highway. The imagery I make is a kind of journal but also evidence of an interior conversation. It is an effort to tread a line between elegant and awkward, deliberate and intuitive, skilled and naïve. The palette, activity, and composition of each work are generated by an urgent curiosity and are sustained by the excitement of discovery in the studio.

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