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Re-imagined Nostalgia

Re-imagined Nostalgia

08/02/2019 - 5:00pm
August 2019
Exhibition Description

‘Re-imagined nostalgia’ is the term Lee Bokma uses to best describe his art, which blends pop culture and comic book influences from the twentieth century with a mix of both child-like wonder and middle-aged cynicism.  Inspired by the works of Mark Schultz, Earl Norem, and Ernest Cline, Lee works in both traditional and digital illustration mediums to capture scenes of wild adventure, bold fantasy, and biting satire.  Born and raised in rural Montana, Lee traveled the world for twenty years as an Army officer, gathering a wide range of influences and experiences for his practice.  His education background is no less diverse and growing, with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies, and he is currently working toward a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts.  Lee lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where he creates art, drinks whiskey, and generally has fun doing both.


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