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Time + Space

Time + Space

02/04/2022 - 5:00pm
February 4th, 2022
Artist Statement

My past works include paintings of my family, events, and life happenings which I shared experiences and expressions of life. 

My current body of work expresses my love of nature, gardens, and animals and how the three coexist. I am an intuitive painter and attempt to capture the freedom and fluidity of nature in our surroundings. 

My goal is to bring the viewer in with every brush stroke. My new series is called, “Through the Garden Gate.” My grandmother and mother had beautiful gardens. It was my memories of their gardens that guided me into creating gardens of my own on the grounds of my Nebraska home of over thirty years. 

It is those gardens, of my memory and my life, that I share on canvas. Some things, and feelings, can only be found, and conjured, in a garden. Each garden design, structure, flower, and plant tell us a story of the life of the gardener that loved and tended that special place. 

A garden path can lead to many things and for me that path has led to healing, escape, dreaming, thinking, and pondering. A place to walk, spend your day, and start a great story – there is no better backdrop than a garden. 

My new series I is Nebraska Wildflowers.  It features indigenous flowers to this area and to southwest Nebraska, where I grew up.   

I hope this series can take all those that view it back to a special garden that helped write the story of their life. 


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