Female Gaze Returned

Female Gaze Returned

Artist / Board Member
07/07/2017 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
July 2017 to August 2017
Exhibition Description

In response to the controversy surrounding Dana Schutz’s painting of Emmett Till exhibited at this year’s Whitney Biennial, Sandra Williams examines the role of the female gaze through the work of five women artists. The Female Gaze Returned features Erika Navarrette, Lizzy Lunday, Rachel Foster, Felice House, and Peggy Gomez.

Curator Statement

“In the wake of tectonic shifts that have occurred this year I wanted to share the vision, voices and work of artists I truly love and admire. The artists that rose to the top of my list all present multifaceted worlds, simultaneously covetable and complex, never passive, always powerful. All the artists happened to be women. All of the work is narrative.

Female eros is “the assertion of life force in women: of creative energy empowered.” I sought out the women in my life that demonstrated these qualities. The viewer is caught in the gaze, women artists often looking at women through their various roles as friends, sisters, mothers, professionals. The works selected for this exhibition are about the female gaze and its influence- observation that lies not in domination or in possession but in inspiration and empowerment.”

– Sandra Williams, UNL Professor of Art


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