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Surface Impressions

Surface Impressions

06/05/2020 - 5:00pm
June 5th, 2020 to August 28th, 2020
Exhibition Description

Surface Impressions intends to connect artists and audiences to the 21st century language of relief printmaking as a viable engagement for today.

There is a distinctive graphic nature to prints made from carved surfaces as the energy of carving with gouges and burins is readily apparent.  This action is transformed by pressure and ink onto paper which reveals light “opened up” from the solid surface.  Artists are endlessly inventive with how the surface is changed, as well as with their innovations for printing from blocks, from essential black and white, to multiple layers of color and carving stages, to how the printing happens with presses or by hand.   Relief prints use available materials for protest and actions, exist on large scale for impact, capture impressions of wood growth, and show intimate carved details on the end-grain of wood. 

This inaugural biennial of relief prints here in the center of America showcases artists from around the country and abroad, all selected from an open call for entries.  The works on exhibition focus on the role of the relief print as a means of cultural critique and exploration, of this ancient process but newly invigorated discipline as it is practiced and defined by todays artists.

Click here to learn more about events and the Nine Nebraskans Murals created in conjunction with this exhibition.

Exhibition Sponsors: Michele Tilley, Sue and Tom Tallman, AWAGAMI FACTORYHIROMI PAPERGOMEZ ART SUPPLY, and Vahallan Wall Coverings.

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On the Hunt

Print / Paper
Surface Impressions
Wendy Ketchum

Surgery Quilt #2

Surface Impressions
Print / Paper
Anne Burton


Print / Paper
Surface Impressions
Jean Gumpper


Print / Paper
Surface Impressions
Jean Gumpper

Bundle V

Print / Paper
Surface Impressions
Kyle Chaput

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